Customer Questions & Answers

1. Q: Do these bulbs flicker when used with a triac dimmer commonly found in remote control fixtures or home automation systems?
    A: If the lights flicker you may consider upgrading your dimmer switch. New dimmer switch has a customize button which sets the minimum power for the bulb to prevent flickering. 

2. Q: Will this bulb work with 3 way touch lamp?
    A: Hi, is that a smart dimmer or switch of your 3 way touch lamp ? 
the bulb is not suitable for smart dimmer, and absolutely work well with 'Lutron DVCL-153P-WH Diva' dimmer, and this was our best recommended dimmer. 

3. Q: I have a bad bulb that less then 1 year old how do I get it replaced?
    A: Hi Tester, we offer one year warranty for our product, please contact us by email.
Here is the email address:

4. Q: Can you use these in your inground pool lights
    A: We are sorry that these can't used in the inground pool lights. 

5. Q: can these bulbs be used in an outside fixture?
    A: Yes, they can. But please don't use where directly exposed to water or rain, maybe you need to install the bulbs in the light fixtures 

6. Q: What is a good wall-switch dimmer to use with these bulbs? i have lowes and home depot here.
    A: Our best recommended dimmer is Lutron DVCL-153P-WH Diva ( Amazon ASIN number: B004DZOMKC). 

7. Q: Can these be used upside down?
    A 1 : Absolutely! 
    A 2 : Yes. Just like any other light bulb. 

8. Q: What is the cri of the 2700k bulbs?
    A: Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80 

9. Q: I need to know if these get hot. I'm using bulbs close to these in my game room and they change the temp in the room by several degrees.
    A 1 : I have these bulbs hanging over my dining room table and they do not get hot. They look beautiful, I love them. 
    A 2 : They do not get hot. 

10. Q: Will these fit in a ceiling fan that requires a B 10 bulb?
      A: Yes, these bulbs are all E12 candelabra base. 

11. Q: Is it safe to touch the metal base while the bulb is screwed in (and powered on)? Or could someone get seriously shocked?
     A:If your house is wired correctly the metal base will be hooked to ground making it safe to touch. If wired incorrectly the base will be live (120V AC). Bottom line is it's always a good idea to turn off all power to any appliance before changing blubs etc.

12. Q: are these UL rated for damp or wet location
     A: We suggest that these bulbs used in the dry location. Wet location may cause circuit hazard. 

13. Q: OK to use in outdoor lamp post?
      A 1 : I would think so. It's just like any other light bulb. 
      A 2 : When I bought these, they were rated for outdoor use so I've got them installed in an outdoor fixture and not had any problems. 
      A 3 : Those bulbs are suitable for outdoor lamp post. The bulb in 6w is 60w equivalent. 
      A 4 : I think so. I use these LED lights on my front porch lamp. 

14. Q: Are these bulbs hot to the touch when on? Similar to incandescent bulbs?
      A 1 : No, you can hold them with your fingers. We really do like them, as well as able to dim them. 
      A 2 : No - they will get slightly warm, but not hot. They can be contacted by one's had or touch skin without burning. Hope this is helpful. 
      A 3 : No, the heat is in the base as it acts like a heat sink/radiator. 

15. Q: Is there a minimum outdoor temperature that these can be used at? I used for only one night outdoors in single digit F and it stopped working.
      A: Sorry, there isn't. It only could be used in the normal outdoor temperature and we suggest that you could install the bulb in the light fixtures to prevent from the water or rain that directly exposed.